Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tragedy, the sequel

Yesterday morning when I got to work I immediately started flipping through the newspapers to see if I found anything about that dead ostrich, thinking it was strange that nobody reported anything about it on friday but apparently they weren't allowed because, are you ready? It was "art" and I totally fell for it!

Actor / "artist" Benjamin Verdonck, thought it would be cool to display a shockingly realistic Pechvogel (loosely translated as unlucky bird) in the middle of a crowded shopping street seeing as it was Friday the 13th. How highly original. According to the newspaper 70% of the people who say this gratuitous scene were simply appaled and disgusted as it was a real dead animal that was displayed simply to nauseate us accompanied with a lot of blood and bucket loads of shit (pardon my French).

So OK, the animal didn't escape which was actually highly unlikely and it (hopefully) didn't suffer but why use such cheap and gross theatrics? What could possibly have been his point because an unlucky bird on Friday the 13th isn't the most illuminated idea out there if you ask me and to sink so low to get a reaction is simply beyond me. Verdonck should really consider a career change or give his "artwork" a second thought at least, maybe even a third before he wastes tax payers money by having an entire police squad guard his carcass all day.

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Niels said...

If the animal was murdered on purpose to be "art", the artist must be ashamed!