Monday, 23 March 2009

Stream of consciousness

The past few days have been pretty strange. For one, I didn't have to work for three days straight which was absolute bliss. It also gave me some time to get me head together and do some more beloved job hunting! After two months I've decided that sales really isn't my cup of tea eventhough it's books I'm selling, I'm slowly but surely delving into a deep pit of madness and despair. In order to crawl out, I'm now looking for a part-time job so I'll finally have time to devote to my writing. I just hope the world will love it as much as I do, although I sincerely doubt it.

This weekend I went to the Goya, Redon, Ensor exhibit in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp and it was pretty great. I have to say that I don't know a lot about art and my comments usually range from 'oh pretty' to 'they call that art?' but this was actually quite interesting, especially Redon's and Ensor's drawings that were inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's short stories made my literature loving heart flutter. I was also very impressed by Redon's work in general although I have to admit I had no idea who he was. His black and white drawings were very simple and surprisingly modern. They could have almost been illustrations out of a contemporary upscale graphic novel. And the best part of all, was that I had to write an article about it!

Speaking of graphic novels, I was planning on going to see Watchmen this weekend 'cause for some reason I'm very intrigued by that movie. I don't like special effects / super hero stuff but seeing as this was based on the mother of all graphic novels and the source of a lot of controversy (writer Alan Moore is pissed about how they massacred his brainchild and refuses to have anything to do with it so illustrator Dave Gibbons is reaping all the benefits), it is tickling my fancy. Sadly, that trip had to be postponed to next week.

This weekend wasn't all fun and games, I also had some very bad news, twice actually. I never mentioned this before but my best friend has leukemia. She had a bonemarrow transplant two weeks ago and she isn't doing well. She isn't resonding to treatment and has a lot of infections to battle. As we speak, she's on a ventilator and in a coma. It doesn't look good.
I visited her yesterday and it was really weird because she doesn't look like herself anymore but I couldn't bare not going despite it being an awful sight. I just can't imagine a world without her.

Now if that wasn't enough to drain someone emotionally I also learned that my beloved companion, my baby Molly, has a heart murmur. We went to the vet 'cause she had to pee every 2 minutes and left with a bladder infection and the number of a cat cardiologist. Seriously, a cat cardiologist. After she's stopped peeing every couple of minutes, we have to take her for an ultrasound to see what's wrong with her heart and how long she's got but breathing problems and paralysis are inevitable. Needless to say, I shed a fair amount of tears the past few days.

But I'm going to try and end on a remotely happier note being books, yay! As always I've been buying more than I'm reading. I simply don't seem to have the time to read anymore. I should probably write less and read more but darn it, my Vaio is so addictive!
Now seeing as this book has held the top spot in the the bestseller list ever since I started working in the intellectually numbing hellhole, I decided to give it a go and will now commence reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by the already infamous Stieg Larsson. It's crime fiction so, I can hardly wait. Afterwards I'm going to reward myself by reading the third Twilight installment, Eclipse. I've put myself on a Twilight diet (only one a month) because otherwise it'll all be over too soon. And hopefully (meaning if I don't buy anything new) I'll start in People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks next. It's our new bookclub book which this time, I'm determined to finish.

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