Thursday, 15 January 2009

Nervous wreck

I spent some quality time with my mother today who insisted on seeing Australia at the cinema so she, accompanied by a couple of dozen women, could gush over Hugh Jackman who simply can't keep his shirt on. That being said, if I looked like that I wouldn't keep it on either. Overall the movie wasn't bad, just a tad too long. 3 + hours apparently exceeds my attention span.

Anyway, I was actually hoping to start in New Moon today (the Twilight sequel) which was going to arrive any day now. I decided not to read anything new after finishing Black Hole (interesting, entertaining, beautifully drawn yet confusing graphic novel by Charles Burns) yesterday because I knew I would throw this book aside as soon as I got my clutches on New Moon. However, my mother did bring an exciting booksized package with her this afternoon but alas, no such luck. Well, yes and no actually. It contained Eclipse, part three of the series. What are the odds? Anyway, seeing as it will take a few days before I get the next batch of mail I reluctantly decided to give The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga a try. It won the Man Booker Prize last year so how bad can it be, right?

I just need as much distraction as I can get seeing as I'm really nervous about tomorrow, my third interview with the bookstore. They keep calling me back so that's a good sign but nobody has actually said I've got the job so... anything's possible. I just hope they don't call me back a fourth time 'cause that would be just ridiculous. That being said, fingers crossed.

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Elenchi said...

Gratz on the job :))