Monday, 12 January 2009

I like lame

I while back I confessed I was addicted to an incredibly simple yet satisfying game called Goldminer. I don't like playing computer games normally but this just kept me occupied for hours. Then Facebook came along and I noticed that I wasn't the only one playing simple and often stupid games.

A lot of people I know were playing Tetris, an equally addictive game I loved as a kid. I hadn't played it in fifteen years so I decided to give it a go. A few minutes later and I was hooked. I played for hours competing with friends and trying to get an even better score. It's embarrassing how serious I started to take it, especially if my pumpkin beat my score. I would literally run to the computer and try my best to crush him. After a while I even started getting a sore neck from sitting so focused for such a long time trying to get as many lines in as I could. But the ultimate low was that whenever I closed my eyes I simply saw bricks falling. I needed rehab and fast.

Now, I am proud to say that I kicked the Tetris bug but am slowly but surely slipping into a Bejeweled addiction. Two weeks ago I discovered that my sweetheart was playing this equally easy and far more intoxicating game where you just have to put three gemstones is a row, as much as you can in 1 minute. It may sound idiotic but I can't stop. I guess a new ailment or another game are my only hope.

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