Sunday, 16 November 2008

Zombies are our friends

Yesterday my beloved was ordered to buy a movie he had never heard of and all because I told him it was a fifties zombie spoof he was gonna love. Being the great boyfriend that he is, he obeyed and we watched it last night. The movie I'm talking about is the enchantingly quirky Fido.

Fido went straight to dvd in Belgium and although it received a top spot at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, this Canadian treasure was only released in 6 theaters over the entire USA, hence it's shocking anonymity.

The movie takes place in a quiet suburban 1950s town after the fated zombie wars. Thanks to a company called Zomcon (check out their great website and especially read the kids letters!), zombie are no longer a threat but low maintenance domestic help. Fido eventually turns out to be more than just help in the Robinson household as he and little Timmy Robinson embark on an endearing friendship with a few bloody glitches along the way.

What I personally loved about the movie besides the classic setting and gorgeous dresses (I'm a girl, I can't help it) is that it literally blew new life into the exhausted zombie genre by taking it back it's glory days (1950s) and yet giving it a twist by combining it not only with a lot of comedy but graceful elegance as well. This original clash between bright and cheerful Americana vs. death, gore and destruction was also mixed with loads of 1950s pop cultures references making it a delight to watch. In the end Fido is a social satire about family values, homeland security, illegal immigration and zombies, who just happen to bring out the humanity in all of us.

The classic technicolor 1950s "boy and his dog movie" for the next generation.

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