Monday, 17 November 2008

Gifts: the key to job satisfaction

Heavily sedated I went to another job interview today in the swanky design center called De Winkelhaak. The job ad said (and I'm translating literally) administrative centipede for theater agency Goedenavond, so I thought what the hell. At least this one's in Antwerp and culture is involved, finally.

When I got there I was pleasantly surprised not only by the employer, job description but also by the fact that I got presents, a DVD and two audio books to be precise. The interview went pretty well and I think this job might even be fun. I'll give you a clue, show business is involved... I'll know more details tomorrow.

It's part-time which is great as well seeing as I'd have time to embark on my own little project entitled Rebecca Benoot something or other but I'll keep you posted. For now these are just wild ideas floating around underneath all that red hair.

I just hope this is it, there's only so much rejection a girl can take.

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