Thursday, 18 December 2008

The hunt continues

So, I had another job interview yesterday. I've decided to try my chances in retail, why would someone with a couple of university degrees want to work as a sales assistant, you might ask? Well, firstly it would be in a bookstore (that's something, right?), secondly no dull nine to five behind a computer and thirdly, I'm getting a teeny bit desperate OK. So I schlepped my ass all the way to Sint-Niklaas (2 hours of public transport which I wouldn't recommend unless you're in a masochistic mood) to apply for a job in Schelle. For those who don't know either places, it's not only an entirely different zip code but also language or dialect to be precise. The interview went great but speaking from experience (the only kind I have apparently) that's not much to go on. Even if the big kahuna likes me, I'd still have another three people to convince so I'm not counting my eggs just yet.

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