Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Braving it in Brussels

I went to Brussels today on a mission; firstly to get an adorable Kimmidoll which was worth the trip alone and secondly, to get a job. Seeing as paid labor isn't working out for me, I'm planning on giving the unpaid kind a go. You heard me right people, I offered to work for free. No, I'm not having a nervous breakdown and no, my boredom hasn't reached new heights, not just yet anyway.
Seeing as nobody wants to hire me as I lack experience (well, duh) I proposed to gain some experience free of charge in the hope that they'll keep me on afterwards. They get free labor and I get some experience to put on my resume and a way to pass the time productively for a change. Anyway, I start next Wednesday. It's incredible how fast you can get a job that doesn't pay!

My precious little Seiko (she's not as bad as she sounds) wasn't the only thing to make the trip back to Antwerp. While looking for a Christmas present for my pumpkin, I encountered a cute little book. I have to confess I'm addicted to books and not just the ones you read. I love notebooks, address books, diaries, you name it. And this one especially comes in handy with the book club approaching, a reader's journal entitled: Smart women read between the lines. It's not just pretty but even useful, for a change.
It's a book created by Julie Hellwich who has designed an entire Smart Women collection ranging from this reader's journal to notebooks, cards and even stationary sets. It's a combination of retro graphics and clever wordplay, in a nutshell totally my cup of tea.
Now all I need is a book to read, even if it's just an excuse to deflower this one.

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