Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Momiji Book Club collection

It's no secret that I love little Japanese dolls, whether they're Kokeshi, Kimmi or Momiji, they're simply too cute and too pretty to resist. I have however, been a very good girl and have been able to restrain myself whenever I encounter a new range of those delectable dolls but when I saw the Momiji Book Club collection in an interior design store in Kendal, all bets were off.

The Momiji Book Club collection was designed by the Argentinian Luli Bunny. These six little nerdy girls all like different genres of books and come with a cool "I Heart Books" button. Like the classic handpainted resin Momiji message dolls, they also have a tiny card in the bottom for a secret note. My girl's called Alex and likes books about magic and the supernatural. Ok, she's nothing like me but she has red hair and two funky knots.

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