Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Autumn is upon us which means loads of new book releases and stationary. It's probably me but the sight of notebooks, folders and perfectly sharpened pencils has made me giddy ever since I was a young and hopeful English lit student and it still does. Besides lusting after a new fountain pen, there are also a few titles I'm particularly excited about this season:

The third Leon cookbook for example: Baking and Pudding. If the previous two are anything to go by, this book will be scrumptious. The cover already looks stunning and seeing as the topic is puddings, the interior will be just as delectable. A genuine feast for the eyes and tastebuds!

8 years after Craig Thompson wrote his monumental masterpiece Blankets, he finally returns with and the 672-page hardback graphic novel Habibi which is based on a Middle Eastern fable and tells the story of Dodola, a woman who escapes being sold into slavery.

The Night Circus, the debut novel by Erin Morgenstern is taking the blogosphere by storm. I’ve read nothing but exceptional things about this magical tale set in 1886 about a mysterious travelling circus. Not only the story, but the book as well is supposed to be a thing of beauty.

Jeffrey Eugenides has also made us wait 8 years for his next novel, The Marriage Plot. Seeing as Middlesex is one of my all time favorite books, my expectations are pretty high for this meditation on the contemporary value of the great 19th century love stories.

When she woke by Hilary Jordan is another of this season’s hyped books. I’ve never read any of her books before but this “enthralling and chilling novel” is supposed to be a mix between The Handmaid’s Tale and The Scarlet Letter, satisfaction guaranteed.

Last but not least, the 1Q84 trilogy by Haruki Murakami finally...

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