Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Lake District

I have (sadly) returned from the glorious Lake District where the weather was as fickle as the landscape. We encountered high mountains, lush valleys, big lakes, little lakes, adorable villages, fairytale settings, gorgeous cottages, some utterly divine food, loads of literary references and ate a vegetarian English breakfast every morning. In short, we were dead tired, had a blast and probably both have high cholestrol now. The Lake District is highly recommended! Here’s why:

On our way back to Dover, we spent some time in the Cotswolds area aka the most enchanting place on earth, as well as in Stratford-upon-Avon to visit my main man, William Shakespeare. The result of this mesmerizing trip, besides the Pumpkin's growing interest in the Lake Poets and Beatrix potter (be still my beating heart), were 800 photographs, lots of relishes and chutneys, tea, several DVD's (HMV how I love thee) and tons of books due to offers I simply could not refuse but more on those later. For now, I'm energized, inspired and ready to cause some havoc. Balance has been restored in the Force.

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