Sunday, 31 July 2011

Packing for all seasons

Tomorrow at 6am we’ll be heading to the Lake District, nothing but mountains, lakes, cute villages and rain. I’ve been franticly checking the weather forecast the past weeks and have come across several mentions of heavy rain and thundery showers, not good. The upside, I’ll finally have a sunburn-free summer! The downside, I’ve had to buy so many new clothes, shoes and backpacks for all types of weather that this holiday will go down in history as the most pricey vacation ever. Who knew that nature could be so expensive? Clearly “god” did not intend for me to leave the city.

Luckily, I’ve planned several indoor activities so we’ll be fine and if worse comes to worse we’ll just curl up in front of a fire, looking over the lakes with some tea, scones and a good book. The books that made the cut are (sorry Siri):

• Unruly Times, Wordsworth and Coleridge in their time by A.S. Byatt
• The Group by Mary McCarthy
• Sunset Park by Paul Auster

Now if all goes well, I’ll be spending the next two weeks here

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