Saturday, 2 October 2010

Molly Madness

Yesterday we went to the vet with our beloved munchkin Molly who I don’t mention enough actually. As most of you already know, she has a heart murmur and has been taking medication since March after she had two minor “attacks” where she momentarily lost all motion in her back legs. Every six months we have to go for a check-up and once a year she has to have a sonogram of her heart. Now, since she has been on her meds she has been more mischievous, playful and loving than ever so good news all round. The only downside is that I have to give her her meds every night around the same time (too much time between meds and she could have a heart attack) and to do so, I also have to feed her by hand which I actually love doing. I know some people think I’m crazy or that it’s disgusting but it’s actually a perfect peaceful moment. Plus she’s my baby, enough said.

During the check-up, which is usually an incredibly stressful event for both me and my fuzzy stalker, she was shedding like usual and sweating like a piglet (trust me, it’s adorable). Then the vet told us she was also the carrier of a chronic virus which makes her eyes tear up, makes her sneeze and ultimately results in pulmonary issues. To us it may sound like a common cold but for Molly it meant red alert. She wasn’t sick or anything but her glands were swollen so something was about to break through. Needles to say a virus is the last thing a spoilt rotten kitty with a bad heart needs. So now I have to keep her warm at all times, makes sure she doesn’t catch a cold (aka her death) and make sure her immune system keeps on going full speed ahead. Luckily, she is blissfully unaware and spends her days purring on my lap, walking over the keyboard whenever she feels neglected for five seconds, being handfed, chasing imaginary ghosts, hiding q-tips and finishes off her days by crawling into bed every night with her minions.

I got slightly off track here. In order to boost her immune system I now have to give her Echinacea drops: 0,3ml twice a day. I can’t put it in her water because she won’t get her recommended dose and seeing as she only eats dry food, I can’t mix it up with that. Or can I? The Echinacea smells pretty bad so she can smell me coming with the stuff a mile away so now I, bare with me, put some drops on kitty treats and let them absorb the liquid. When they’re dry, I mix them with her regular food and meds, sit down next to her and place them one by one on her tongue. I know what you’re thinking but come on, isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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