Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Book Club Cookbook

I recently became the proud owner of The Book Club Cookbook which once again affirms my geeky love for books and baking. I was pretty excited when I stumbled accross it to be honest.

What I really love about the BCC is that it combines your typical book club review book (i.e. a short review of the book, author and period) with a lushious literary cookbook. Each book that is featured, is accompanied by a lovely recipe that is either part of the story or would be devoured by the characters during the period in which the book takes place, adding a little more authenticity and not to mention culinary delight to those delectible meetings.

I know for a fact how important food is to our beloved book club meetings so this book will probably add an entirely new dimension to the mix, opening up the floor for some tasty food related discussions. Like we need an excuse...

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