Sunday, 10 May 2009

Reviewing my ass off

The past week has been pretty weird to say the least. For some reason everything seems to be going slower or maybe it just takes me longer to get things done, who's to say?

I'm reviewing a freshly baked batch of cookbooks as we speak. For some odd reason they're the only type of books I get but I'm not complaining. I actually love cookbooks but I hardly buy any because I don't want to overstimulate myself. Whenever I get one I get so excited that I want to make everything in it but usually end up making nothing 'cause I don't have the time and when I do, I don't have the ingredients. It's a vicious circle.

Anyway, I just reviewed Easy Breakfast and Brunch: Simple recipes for morning treats which is simply finger-licking good! The recipes are fairly easy, the photo's look gorgeous and once again I'm suffering from a pleasure overload! Where to begin: blueberry pancakes with pecan and maple syryp or wholewheat apple waffles with glazed prunes and greek yoghurt? It also includes a lot of egg recipes, traditional breakfasts from around the globe and how to make your own cruesli which I'm dying to try. Plus interesting tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

Next up is a book on oriental cuisine which looks really good as well. So good I have to keep myself from licking it. It's about the basics of oriental cooking and covers everything from making your own sushi to nasi goreng, yaki soba (Wagamama watch out!) and dumplings. Every step is illustrated so it's very easy to follow.

When I'm done here I'll probably catch up on some reading. I started in The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson a shocking two weeks ago and I'm still only half way. It's actually very good but I just didn't feel like it. Sadly, I'm gonna have to put it on hold for a while because I still need to read The Vanishing of Katharina Linden (Helen Grant) by next week which is crime fiction for adolescents. I'm interviewing Helen on Sunday so I'd best go prepared. Which means I won't be able to attend book club this month 'cause there's no way I'll be able to squeeze The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch in on time which is a shame 'cause I was looking forward to that as well.

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