Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled three years ago, I was forced to stay at home for several days because I resembled a chipmunk who had OD’ed on blueberries. Luckily my friends lavished me with loads of box sets of, in their opinion, must see television shows. Yes, I am a child of the digital age and therefore watch too much TV.

Out of all of those shows, one stuck with me: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Seeing as the pumpkin also read Bossypants (how cute is that?), we started talking about live sketch shows and I remembered that Studio 60 is a lot like 30 Rock, minus the overall silliness.

Written by the talented Aaron Sorkin, who was also responsible for The West Wing, Studio 60 proves that TV can also be an art form and yes, you can quote me on that. Not many shows have such clever plotlines, snappy dialogues or realistic yet quirky characters brought to us by a phenomenal cast. Yes, my friends Studio 60 is amazing. It's a biting satire of television and an insightful behind the scenes look at what it's like to create a weekly SNL-like show but more importantly it's funny, heartfelt and dares to go the distance by tackling controversial topics with style and flair.

Aaron Sorkin is the heart and soul behind the series and in my opinion on of the best screenwriters in Hollywood. The way he is able to mix politics, cutting edge topics and genuine emotion baffles me. No matter what subject matter people throw at him, he delivers and rightfully deserved that academy award for best screenplay this year. It's still beyond me why they cancelled this show after only one glorious series.

Now the point I was getting at, was that I bought the complete Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip collection for the ridiculous price of 7,50€! Who knew topnotch entertainment came so cheap?

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