Sunday, 12 June 2011

Soup Swap

This week I went to my very first Soup Swap, an American trend where you get together with a few friends and exchange soup. Over the years I have mastered the art of making soup for just two people but apparently when others makes soup, they make several liters otherwise what’s the point? Seeing as we have no freezer to store our remnants in, I make sure never to go overboard until this week when I finally got a chance to use “the big pot” to make a shocking 3 liters of soup!

Now the concept behind Soup Swap is instead of freezing the remains of your own soup, you take them with you to a Soup Swap gathering and well, swap them for other flavors. We all make enough soup for the other participants, roughly a liter each. I thus brought three containers of luscious cheesy broccoli soup with me and came back with recipes and cucumber, roasted tomato and banana soup. We’ll be having soup all weekend now, thanks to my fellow domestic goddesses.

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