Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Day of Writing

I took the day off today to finally get some writing done and it was bliss. No interruption, no stress, just me and a blank page, heaven. If only I had some more time to get some “other” writing done… My word count has increased the past week but only slightly, did you notice?

Now, I had to interview Luc Herman last week about Nora en de Feiten which was kind of awkward seeing as I had to put on a major poker face because I didn’t particularly like his novel. It was also weird having to “judge” one of my former professors but I survived. Writing the article however, was quite a challenge seeing as I wanted to be objective, didn’t want to sugarcoat it but I also didn’t want to offend because I know a lot of my former teachers and ex-class mates will be reading it so I’ll be a little on edge next week when it’s published.

I have to admit that although I still don’t like the novel, he did shed a lot of light on it, luckily. His aim was to stay true to the genre code of crime fiction and create an old-fashioned whodunit that invites the reader to solves the puzzles which in a way he has succeeded in doing but the fact still remains that the novel is too analytical / academic to please the general crime fiction loving audience who are just looking for some light entertainment, which I supplied by writing 4 reviews today to accompany the article.

Needless to say, I drank a lot of coffee, did a lot of procrastinating but I eventually got the job done.

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