Monday, 20 December 2010

Festive Fiction

I didn't read as many Christmassy books as I'd hoped to this month, I actually didn't do a lot of reading at all to tell the truth because I was usually in bed by 10pm. I know, I'm a wild one.

I did however finally get my hands on A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote, one of my favorite authors. I already read the story a long time a ago as it is a part of one of his short story collections but several years ago they made an illustrated 50th anniversary edition with CD that I was eyeing up for a while now and I have to say I totally love it. The story is pretty sad and is about a young boy (Truman) who reminisces about the his last Christmas with his childlike elderly aunt. What can I say, I'm just a sucker for old people. Anyway, it's a beautiful book and a wonderful story yet slightly sentimental but in a good way.

The other Christmas book I read also happened to be a memoir but with a good helping of reindeer, elves and several Santas. It was David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice or The Santaland Diaries, depending if you get the British or American edition. In a nutshell, he has combined several hilarious short stories about Christmas, all tapping into his own experiences as usual, ranging from his stint as a Christmas Elf at Macy's to Sinterklaas. Classic material and perfect fodder for anyone looking for a break from traditional tales.

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