Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Life Lessons

During my lunch break, which is the only time of day I have left to read, I finished Julie & Julia. I really liked the book but not particularly because of it's content but because I could relate to the main character, Julie Powell, a simple secretary looking for meaning and finding in French cuisine. Although her culinary escapades are funny and sometimes very familiar, what really got to me is that she just created a project and no matter how crazy it sounded, went for it. It's that easy. Yet somehow I never seem to get round to it.

My latest excuse besides the job and fatigue is housework. Our apartment is slowly but surely starting to resemble a war zone where dust bunnies and dirty dishes are enslaving us. Ever since our vacuum cleaner died on me a few weeks ago, like all electrical appliances seem to do, the dirt has been piling up and there's only so much a broom or our cat can handle. This is why I'm dedicating my day off to some belated spring cleaning, joy! And if I'm lucky I'll be able to squeeze some fun in there as well.

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