Sunday, 15 February 2009


I've been everything but my cheerful self lately. The only thing I've done this week is work. I've watched no movies, no TV, haven't seen any of my friends and only read one book this week which was New Moon and the highlight of the past seven days. It was actually a lot better that Twilight although not a lot happened but you really start to get involved with characters. Needless to say, I'm dying to read Eclipse but I'm gonna wait a while to prolong the satisfaction of the series.

Friday was my day off and I almost spent the entire day planning an event. Not an actual event but it was an assignment for a job I applied to a while back and apparently I made it through the first round, hence a more practical follow up. It's funny because now that I've finally got a job, I'm receiving more offers and chances than say a month ago. Who knows right?

One other thing happened on Friday that really took me by surprise. I wasn't as spiteful towards my job like most days but actually started to feel lucky I had it. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying "yippee I love my job" but it has set a few things into perspective. When I graduated I just wanted a job, something interesting and preferably in the area of my "expertize". And thus the quest began. It was a challenging task especially seeing as I had no clear target in mind and after months of rejection and frustration I simply wanted a job, any job which lead me to where I am now. It sounds crazy when I think about it now but I never once considered what I wanted to do or what would make me happy. I only thought: need job, studied literature so duh one involving literature. Case closed. And now when faced with a job that isn't completely to my satisfaction and more or less the outcome of my previous and idiotic thought pattern, I finally realized what I wanted to do. It was clear and simple and came to me on a crowded bus. I even smiled, in public no less. I still have to sort a few things out but hopefully I'll embarking on an alas financially less appealing journey towards the ultimate goal: happiness.

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