Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Existential blogging

Blogging is a funny and occasionally frustrating thing. When I started a little over three years ago I simply wanted to ‘talk’ about books and movies that I loved and thought deserved a little more attention. I believed it was my mission to give a voice to hidden and unappreciated gems. And I admit, I also love to ramble. I didn’t want to blog about my day to day life like most people because that’s plain boring, especially if you're Belgian, so I felt I had to find my own little niche. Not that books and movies are that original but I hoped my selection would be. Slowly but surely tiny details of my life slipped through the cracks, especially during the Dark Ages (i.e. when I was unemployed) but I’ve always tried keeping that to a minimum. Opening up has never been my strong suit, I guess that’s why I created my alter ego Ginny Jones.

What started as a quest to be extraordinary (i.e. not personal) sorta backfired. Over the years The City has become a collection of reviews which was never my intention. True, you can't talk about books and movies without giving some insights but the fun had started to make way for the facts. At one point I even started reading books and watching movies just to blog about them which isn’t healthy, trust me. Pleasure simply became pressure, hence the three week hiatus. Now, the only way to stop The City from becoming another soulless news / review blog is by doing something I’ve been dreading for a while now. I’m going to kick-start her rambunctious little heart by extracting a little retrospection and infusing her with a dash of Rebecca. God help us all.

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