Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Girl with Glass Feet

I finished The Girl with Glass Feet yesterday, the debut novel by Ali Shaw. I don't know if it's depressing or inspiring but he's the same age as me and he also studied English literature.

Anyway, it's about this boy called Midas who lives a rather solitary life on a quaint fictional island were strange things start to happen from tiny butterfly winged cows to albino animals who turn everything white. His only joy in life is taking photographs of his surroundings until one day he meets Ida, a girl who is slowly turning into glass from the feet up. What starts out as fascination slowly turns into love. Together, they try to find a cure for her condition but time is slipping away.

It's basically a modern day fairytale / off-beat love story with lots of strange events, eccentric characters and stunning poetic prose. The book gets off to a very slow start but turns into a wonderfully magical end melancholy experience that is simply beautiful, both inside and out. Fresh, dazzling, I might even use the word gripping here, it sadly leaves readers with a lot of unanswered questions which can be a little annoying to a more grounded reader like myself.

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