Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Book Trailers

I have a confession to make. There isn't a day that goes buy without me browsing books online. During these daily and multiple online expeditions, I am always surprised to see how many books are using trailers these days as promotional material. These trailers are sometimes actual films but mostly they are animated clips that subtly unveil the story whilst making you relish more like any good (movie) trailer would.

Chick lit, children's books,... are all venturing down this visually appealing road of advertising proving that litertature with a capital L just won't go down that dare I saw mundane path. Personally I love trailers, movie as well as book ones, because a mere synopsis can never truely capure the spirit of the story. But these often ingeniously crafted clips are just so well made, book or no book, that they have got me wondering if they'll actually succeed in their life's ambition or will be just considered enterataining.

What do you think? Book trailers: do or don't?

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