Monday, 9 November 2009


Imagine that you are feeling too damn lazy to read one of the classics: Joyce, Woolf, Shakespeare, even JK Rowling, why bother? Now imagine that you are too lazy to even Google a summary. Now what?

Inspired by one of today's all consuming social networks, Twitter, two American students decided to boil some of the best books ever written down to 20 tweets or less. In less than two pages per novel, consisting out of a maximum of 20 sentences each 140 characters tops, Twitterature brings you literature for the contemporary computer age. A daring venture if I do say so myself.

Written in highly realistic (aka cryptic) Twitter-style, it will make literature lovers giggle (who will probably spend more time reading to glossary to see what f*** these people are on about) while at the same time submerging Twitter lovers in the wonderful world of literature minus the lovely phrases that is.

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